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Cavell Golf offers two distinct ball choices.

The Cavell Golf S has a three-piece structure with a softer compression that provides better forgiveness on iron shots and more control around the green.

The Cavell Golf X has a four-piece structure with a firmer compression that provides less long game spin and extra distance off the tee.

Both our balls have cast urethane covers offering exceptional durability and green-side spin.

Tap the model of ball – either Cavell Golf S or Cavell golf X, at the top of the following table to compare essential features: 

  • Cavell Golf S
  • Cavell Golf X
Model Cavell Golf SCavell Golf X
Model S
Model X
CoverCast Urethane Cast Urethane
Compression75 (Medium) 102 (Extra Firm)
Long Game Spin LowLow
Short Game Spin HighHigh
Best Suited ForPlayers who want a soft feel and better forgiveness on iron shotsPlayers who want less long game spin and maximum distance off the tee
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What Our Customers Say


It offers great all-round performance. I was particularly impressed by the feel and control around the greens. It performed as well or better than other tour balls.
Morgan Kennedy
PGA Professional

The Cavell Advantage

Whether it’s the distinctive design, improved performance or exceptional value for money, using Cavell golf balls showcases an individual who values quality, style, and the desire to elevate their game to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Performance, value and style. Our aim is to deliver the performance of a tour ball but at 60% of the price. We offer the same materials, long distance and greenside control, but for less than £30 instead of £50. Our box and ball were designed with the British golfer in mind to make you the envy of the clubhouse.
At Cavell we design all our balls at our Headquarters in Richmond and work with a leading manufacturer to produce our tour-quality balls. All Cavell balls are tested with both a robot and real professional golfers to ensure they offer exceptional performance with incredible long game distance and greenside spin.

Our balls will perform at an exceptional level and can be used by any golfer. The balls are designed for intermediate to advanced golfers. Our golf ball comparison tool will tell you if we have a ball fit for your game. Click here to view the Cavell Golf Comparison Tool.

Not necessarily. Players with slower swing speeds will get better compression on softer balls. However, numerous studies have now identified that firmer balls travel further even at slower swing speeds. Therefore it comes down to preference. We recommend that if you don't currently carry your driver over 200 yards, would benefit more from the S model as you will get more distance off the tee and benefit from the extra forgiveness to push your drives out to 250 yards in the future. If you carry the ball over 250 yards, we recommend the X model as your tee shots will get less spin and more distance. However, it really comes down to individual preference and want you want from your ball.

Tour performance

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