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About Us


About Cavell Golf...

Welcome to Cavell Golf, the result of our passion to provide the everyday British golfer with a high-performance golf ball that won’t break the bank. We understand the frustrations of golfers who want an incredible driving experience without the guilt of losing an expensive ball.

The journey began with a shared goal of lowering our handicaps through consistent performance. Average golfers that play relatively long off the tee, will lose a lot of golf balls. Sadly, the best tour balls are expensive. Losing 6 balls can easily add £20-25 onto the price of a round.

This prompted the search for a ball that matched the industry’s leading names in both performance and appearance, but at a more affordable price point. Then Cavell Golf was born.

Our Story

The Relentless Pursuit of Value and Improvement

With nothing available in the market, we embarked on a mission to produce our own high-quality golf balls. With the growth of ecommerce and direct-to-consumer brands, we recognised an opportunity to bridge the gap and provide golfers with a superior experience in the UK.

Having tested numerous suppliers, the relentless pursuit of value and improvement led to the creation of two exceptional balls that excel in distance, short-game spin, and durability.

By eliminating middlemen and steering clear of large sponsorship deals, we’ve ensured our golf balls deliver on our promise of performance, value, and style, at an affordable price.

Our Mission

Performance, Value and Style

Cavell Golf is dedicated to inspiring feelings of premium quality and prestige, with quintessentially British branding at a fair price.

A golf ball’s look is just as important as its feel, which is why the Cavell X and Cavell S balls are crafted with classic British style, standing out in an industry largely dominated by American brands.

Cavell golf balls will not only enhance your performance on the tee and help improve your game, but also provide you with the confidence to shine among your fellow golfers.

With Cavell Golf, you can expect exceptional quality and performance without compromising on affordability.

Our Products

What Our Customers Say


It offers great all-round performance. I was particularly impressed by the feel and control around the greens. It performed as well or better than other tour balls.
Morgan Kennedy
PGA Professional

The Cavell Advantage

Whether it’s the distinctive design, improved performance or exceptional value for money, using Cavell golf balls showcases an individual who values quality, style, and the desire to elevate their game to new heights.

Tour performance

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